Relative process efficiency

Process efficiency against skills shortages and staff turnover?

Your internal processes play a decisive role in determining how successfully you operate as a company, how flexibly you produce, and how much effort you put into managing your day-to-day business. It has long since ceased to be sufficient for your processes to "merely" function, i.e. merely be effective. They have to be efficient, i.e. all the necessary resources have to be used in such a way that production can take place with minimum waste. The concept of efficiency is always to be seen "relatively", i.e. efficiency always needs a reference basis. Efficiency as an absolute criterion leads to a one-sided orientation without the inclusion of all those involved in the process. The (relative) reference is established by your corporate goals and your corporate culture, so that process efficiency must always bear the individual stamp of the respective company!

If this is realized, efficient processes have a direct effect on the business result, strengthen the company's resilience to disruptions, reduce the "shortage of skilled workers" and lay the foundations for a meaningful work of your staff.

By tying up fewer company resources, customer focus can be increased, order throughput times minimised, in short, flexibility in production and administration will grow up. This creates more room for innovation in your company.

Relative process efficiency does not only refer to the purely technical process flow, but also includes the entire throughput time of your orders. The major levers for low-waste management are usually hidden between the individual process steps. The most important factor therefore in everyday business is the human being, i.e. your employees. For this reason, in my concepts and implementation support, I place a special focus on all those involved in the processes!

Because only in the holistic consideration of people and processes the efficiency can be increased and secured for the future!

Key criteria for your relative process efficiency

For your business processes in production and administration to run efficiently, it is necessary to look at certain criteria and overcome the challenges associated with them. These key criteria are my starting points for analysis, process design and implementation of measures.

"A process is much more than the sum of its steps. That is why I view it as an overall system within the respective company context. For me, bringing people and processes into harmony means including everyone involved in the analysis and the change and accompanying them on the way to process efficiency."
Bernd Kühme (Initiator Lean komplett)

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