Counselling approach

Process changes involving people

In business practice, many process changes fail in implementation, often since companies concentrate on purely technical features and approaches (i.e. "form") and try to transfer concepts from other areas 1:1. The focus is too little on the process flows and even less on the process participants. That is why I pursue an approach that not only explores the pure flow logic of a process, but above all focuses on its function. In a way, I offer an extended Lean approach, hence "Lean complete", where form follows function and not vice versa. This means that "Lean" does not just mean looking good, but actually living processes and changes in your company, so "Lean komplett".

I will accompany you and your organization conceptually in the planning, but above all also in the implementation. I will complete the consulting project with you to ensure the success (the above-mentioned "function") of the measure. As a central factor for the success of changes, I focus on your employees. Because the success of a process change depends decisively on how successful it is to pick up and involve the people involved. As the carriers of know-how, they are also the ones who can make the decisive contribution to the success of a process adjustment. If the solution is accepted, supported and, in the best case, even initiated, then the change will take place as desired and remain stable in the future.

Processes that I focus on designing and accompanying


The process of manufacturing products from previously used means of production is extremely complex. It consists of several steps that take place at different times or in parallel and are interrelated in many ways. With my approach, I look at each individual stage of the process, starting with the core value creation, and optimise it in relation to your company goals and together with your employees. The aim here is above all to reduce the lead times in the production process for more flexibility and less resource commitment.


The organisation of people and resources in a company is a cross-departmental task that requires a holistic approach and control. Whether support or core process, the administrative area offers a large playing field for the topic of process efficiency. Often hidden here is optimisation potential for your core business, which we want to raise and sustainably change together with the employees.

As a consultant and trainer, I accompany managing directors and decision-makers in process changes in their companies - in partnership and at eye level. With my network, I can draw on an experienced team of specialists if required.
The aim of my consulting work is always to bring about stable, optimised and sustainable processes based on your core value stream. In doing so, I work in the system and on the system. Because long-term efficiency can only be achieved when people and processes are in harmony. In my analytical approach, I rely on a consistent "bottom-up approach" to understand cause-effect relationships from the perspective of your employees. After all, your employees are the driving force and carrier for change and thus also for more efficient processes in the company. That is why I support and accompany them in their process-oriented thinking and acting.

An intervention in the process logic of a company means that a change is initiated. In many cases, this is not limited to the process alone. Efficiency in the core processes can usually only be achieved if other areas within the organisation are also put to the test. Projects therefore always bring valuable eye-openers for other areas that are directly or indirectly involved in the value chain. This form of self-examination proves to be extremely profitable in all cases and not infrequently results in a course correction on the way to achieving the company's goals, or sometimes triggers an entire cultural change. These downstream change processes can also be accompanied, for example in the form of TransferCoaching.

Process support in 5 steps

  • 01 Get to know each other
    • Free, non-binding meeting at your premises
    • Outlining your needs and topics together with you
  • 02 Offer
    • Summary of requirements in an offer
    • Rough time planning and coordination with the needs of the company
  • 03 Analysis
    • Joint determination of the status with those involved in the process
    • Analysis and presentation of the process with all its components
  • 04 Planning
    • Outline of a target process with the process participants based on your company's objectives
    • Elaboration of a concrete process design
    • Transfer of the requirements into a plan of measures and time schedule
  • 05 Implementation
    • Implementation of the measures together with the process participants
    • Introduction and implementation support through possible TransferCoaching
    • Working through accompanying topics, e.g. communication, leadership, corporate culture
    • Continuous controlling with regard to higher process efficiency
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